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Art of Conversation

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Issue 04

Issue theme: This issue of Art of Conversation is inspired by the intimacy between an artist and their long-time collaborators and the comfort of exchanging ideas within the warmth of those relationships.

Cover: The influential pop artist Sir Peter Blake with his longtime friend and editions gallerist Paul Stolper, shot by photographer Rankin.

The portrait is a recreation of a famous shot by David Bailey of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Sir Peter Blake famously created the cover for the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band Album.

Art of Conversation is a highly designed 32 page, full-colour broadsheet newspaper containing raw, uninterrupted conversations including:

English pop artist Sir Peter Blake with Paul Stolper his friend and editions gallerist of 10 years, talking about the West Coat art scene of the 1960s, the celebrity artists of the era, the importance of clowns in art, and musical post boxes.

Billy Childish, the English poet, artist and musician famous for advocating amateurism and emotional expression, talks to his friend, gallerist and collaborator of 16 years Steven Lowe talk about the journey to success what success is the ups and downs of life - army humour, family and how to become a success in the art world without a plan.

Zhang Enli is one of the most famous Chinese artists in the world. He talks to Neil Wenman, the senior director of his gallerists Hauser and Wirth, with whom he has collaborated for nine years. They touch on Zhang's belief in Nature and the countryside and how the work he has recently installed at historic London store Fortnum & Mason was influenced by his recent stay in Scotland.

Robert Montgomery talks to his wife the filmmaker, poet and actress Greta Bellamacina about children, the importance of poetry education and love.

Up and coming artist Charles Godet Thomas talks to his friend the writer Matthew Turner about language, space and where on earth 'Like' came from.

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Art of Conversation
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