Hunger - Issue 25, Mabel

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HUNGER 25 - The Celebrity Issue - Mabel McVey wears Kenzo

At what should have been the pinnacle of her career, Mabel was headed towards a complete breakdown. Covering the celebrity issue, she tells HUNGER’s Digital Editor Nessa Humayun how she pieced herself back together and delivered the dance soundtrack of the summer.

“Nothing can really prepare you for suddenly getting a lot of views, numbers, followers and having a lot of protection around you. Even though it was the most successful time in my career, I wasn’t enjoying it,” Mabel says. “I was just so scared of everything and wrapped up in other people’s validation. I didn’t have any of the tools to cope with it, and mentally I was just on edge the whole time.”

Mabel wears Kenzo

Photography by Rankin
Digital Editor Nessa Humayun 
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Creative Direction and Design Kat Beckwith 
Fashion by Simone Beyene
Beauty Editor Marco Antonio
Hair by Rio Sreedharan

Manicurist Lottie Clarke
Fashion Assistant Imogen Morris
Photography Assistants Charlie Cummings, Doma Dovgialo, Jody Evans, Olly Dundas

Producer Sarah Stanbury
Digital Artwork True Black Studio

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Hunger - Issue 25, Mabel
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