Night Fever 6: Hospitality Design

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Night Fever 6: Hospitality Design

The latest volume in Frame’s hospitality design series unveils outstanding and inspirational destinations that are setting the direction of the industry.

Night Fever 6 rounds up 100 jaw-dropping projects by a troupe of international designers, offering a global overview. From itinerant nightclubs and characterful eateries to nature retreats and multipurpose spaces, the book explores cutting-edge approaches to the use of colour, light, material and space. These themes are organized in four chapters, introduced and contextualized by an interview with one of the featured designers, architects and artists.

Projects are presented on two to six pages, including an in-depth description of both concept and design,  and are illustrated by a curated selection of stunning photography and elucidatory drawings. The articles outline how designers distil the essence of a venue and create a specific atmosphere to meet the client’s brief. In its entirety, Night Fever 6 makes the case for one key notion: the urgent need of designing for longevity, transcending temporary fashions or trends.

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Night Fever 6: Hospitality Design
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