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OD.M Issue 08

Odalïsque Magazine is a skilfully curated fashion, culture, and art magazine. Artistic and eccentric imagery engages the viewer with a provocative social critique, valuing culture, while remaining in tone with commerce. Intriguing narratives reveal expressive interplay between art, luxury and fashion, where the juxtaposition of creativity and reasoning merges into a cultural symbiosis.

Covers: Sandra Myhrberg’s photographic narrative and RikardLilja’s visionary momentum.

Inside: Issey Miyake’s newly appointed designer director Satoshi Kondo shares his ideas on retail and sustainability. Swedish photographer ChristoferZagal offers an ingenious pilgrimage into his imaginary ‘zone’. Richard Lilja and Anna Sundelin feature their idea of beauty, constructed by sculpturesque language of body embraced with playful colours and cuts. Nadia Tehran portrays her feeling by using music as an emotional tool. Elisabeth Toll opens up her photographic mind, letting us experience the idea of catching a moment by living it through the lens of a camera.  Further, we meet Felix Svensson behind a camera, depicting the idea of street fashion. The photographer Ninja Hanna illustrates a storytelling merging the past and future into a transitional momentum. Stockholm-based designer NaimJosefi sets forth his philosophy of fashioning the steel. The confidence of Sandra Myhrberg’s photographic language challenged by the stylistic expression of the stylist Meghan Scott bestow a feeling of spiritual essence hidden in a synthetic reflection of nothing. Asker Mortensen shows us a real movement wrapped in the context of a bewildering world. The artist Anna Camner speaks about what is hidden far beyond the beholder’s eye. Fredric Altinell’s images remind one about the realm of different realities we today live in. Meanwhile, Evelyn Bencicova brings us back in history in order to intellectually push forward our aesthetic reflection with her thought-provoking photographic pieces.

Photographers: ChristoferZagal, Richard Lilja, Elisabeth Toll, Felix Svensson, Ninja Hanna, Sandra Myrberg, Fredric Altinell, Evelyn Bencicova.

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