Umbigo - Issue 80

March marks the beginning of a new season and, as usual, the first Umbigo magazine of the year. In 2022, we celebrate two decades of existence and for this we will pay homage with the renewal of our image and the inauguration of four new magazines dedicated to political, social, or ecological themes that we consider fundamental to thought, in its intersection with artistic and cultural contexts. A total of four magazines, four thematic episodes, will be released each new season in which we enhance reflection with an expanded number of pages.

Under the theme of Nature the first episode, issue #80, features a series of articles, art projects, and essays that seek to investigate new practices and understandings of ecology and community within art, philosophy, and spirituality.

In response to the political situation of war and the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Umbigo takes its position of mourning and struggle. May it be possible to strengthen the fight for fundamental rights through knowledge, collaboration and empathy with human and non-human beings, both in life and in symbolic gestures. There can be no underestimation of the affective relationship between the natural world and the health of humanity.

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