Umbigo - Issue 75

For this edition, we invited the curator Alice Bonnot to create a concept for the magazine's central dossier. For Ecological Self, Bonnot selected five artists, from different geographies(Matthew Verdon, Ouazzani Carrier, Las Nietas de Nonó, Zadie Xa and Alice Bucknell),who in their body of work talk about issues such as the relationship between man and nature, problems related to race, violence, social class, gender and climate change, how different cultures shape identities and different notions of the self or about technological utopias and the role of architecture in global inequality and ecological destruction.

Along with the dossier we will have one article and two interviews with three artists who explore these themes in their body of work, such as the South Korean Young Suh, the Canadian artist Terence Koh and the Portuguese Gabriela Albergaria.

For the ArtProject, which gives way to the cover, we invited the British artist Hannah Rowan, who created the photo essay Melting Bodies of a Planetary Archive as a result of her experience at The Arctic Circle Residency, in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway, in 2019. The project results from the observation of changes in the ice and the perception of the countless forms that it takes before disappearing. According to the artist, “This place is literally disappearing before our eyes. Svalbard is at the epicenter of global warming, heating up four times faster than the global average”.

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