212 Magazine is a large-format international biannual magazine based in Istanbul.

It’s a publication about art and society and each issue will tackle various universal subjects within a distinct theme, through long-form writing, short fiction, photo essays and interviews.

212 is a playground for photographers, artists and writers to communicate their thoughts on any given subject matter. Our aim is to collide the worlds of photography, art, fashion, and culture at large, with an in-depth editorial identity that affectionately merges the past with the present, as we like to call it the ‘long-now’.

212 Magazine - Issue 14, The Impersonatopia Issue

Autumn/Winter 2022

In this issue we wanted to take a close look at the ‘big data society’ floating in a pool of unique truths, from a different perspective – we even went as far as coining a new word for this issue: Impersonatopia. Referring to our ‘feigning’ states, this word allows us to examine the new stations, technology and living spaces, as we travel on the high-speed train called civilisation. In Impersonatopia, we focused on the tension between two words that have common etymological origins, but come with completely different direct and indirect connotations: ‘impersonal’ and ‘to impersonate’.

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