Musee - Issue 28, Spring/Summer 2023

Musée was founded in 2011 as a vehicle to explore the art and culture of photography and image-making. The magazine since featured some of the biggest artists, curators, collectors, critics, and thinkers in the field.
Musée was created by Andrea Blanch, who serves as the magazine’s editor in chief and is a well-regarded photographer in her own right, having gotten her start assisting Richard Avedon and shooting for Vogue. Andrea was later joined by Sam Shahid and Matthew Kraus, who are Musée’s creative directors. Sam and Matt have their own agency, Shahid/Kraus, through which they have overseen an array of high-profile advertising campaigns for brands such as Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, Versace, and Bottega Veneta; and designed art and photography books with photographers such as Collier Schorr, Bruce Weber, Ellen von Unwerth, and Herb Ritts. For more than a decade, they also oversaw the creative direction of Interview Magazine.

What is the nature of control? The desire for it—and to be free of it—are essential parts of both life and art.

Issue 28: Control explores the many ways we attempt to exert or wrest away control—creatively, politically, socially—through the lens of a diverse array of artists who have broken down the boundaries of authority with their work.


Laia AbrilBarbara AlperRichard AvedonRoe EthridgeSam GeballeNan GoldinJos JansenSteven Klein,Barbara KrugerMona KuhnNatalie Lennard, Tyler MitchellRichard-Jonathan NelsonLisa OppenheimFrida OrupaboRodrigo ValenzuelaJames WellingJordan Wolfson, and more…

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