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AXIS - AUGUST 2023, Issue 224

Volume 224 entitled "The Neo Space Age - the hope that design holds for a universe within reach."

More than half a century after man landed on the moon, space has become an inseparable part of our lives. The rapid evolution of technology has also led to the assumption that space is a concrete 'living area', and the major players in promoting projects are shifting from some superpowers to private companies.

On the other hand, space has a mysterious attraction that cannot be described solely in terms of mere usefulness. It is the never-ending romance of human beings that drives the initiation and implementation of seemingly foolhardy related projects. It is also true that space remains an object of fascination.

How will design be involved in this ambivalent and exciting world of space in the future? How will space design integrate with technology and business, and how will it change our lives? We take a deeper look in this issue's special feature.

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