One of the roles of the media is to discover, nurture and support new talent. Encouraging the energy to create a vibrant, prosperous and diverse future, and supporting young and new talent, is nothing less than fostering a design culture that is both diverse and innovative. Looking back on history, new talents are often born in environments where the world is in turmoil or economic conditions are unfavorable. About 3 years since corona covered the world. While the number of opportunities for presentations and exchanges has decreased dramatically, it seems that the desire for new talent has increased. Incorporating various issues and situations surrounding the world into the source of creation, presenting new possibilities to society. And each with a different style. If we were to find a common denominator there, it would be that "they have a sense of the times that is typical of the younger generation, and are greedily facing various changes." An overseas designer under the age of 35 who is active on the world stage. We hope that you will come into contact with the activities of the 12 groups and feel the new movement of design.

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