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Free Time - Issue 03

Free Time is a new international biannual edition that shines a spotlight on people who express themselves during their free time.

In a time of achievement-oriented culture, where we have structured our culture around work, not play, Free Time focuses on the importance of leisure. An advocate for creativity, Free Time is an ode to self-expression, free creation, and intuition - time seen as a constant source of inspiration.

We encourage savoring the time we have outside of our modern world responsibilities to embark on creative and mindful pursuits that we do for ourselves or others. From creative hobbies and sports to actions to improve our world like protesting and education, or love and relationships, Free Time delves into the more enlightened moments in life.


Simons Finnerty

Sam Youkilis

Francesc Ruiz Abad

Peter Puklus

Abraham Toledano

Félix Schoeller

Giasco Bertoli

Andrew Nuding

Stephen Gill

Wiktoria Wojciechowska

Angèle Châtenet

Melchior Tersen


The Moma Teens & Ryan McNamara

Ikki Kobayashi

Patrick Miller

P.ixe Collardot

Melchior Tersen

Stephanie Mendoza & Hiroshi Higa

Gaspard Augé

Jan Melka

Yelena Moskovich

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Free Time
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