HUNGER - Issue 29, Autumn/Winter 2023

Covering HUNGER Issue 29, Locke opens up about what the “beast” of Marvel’s Agatha means for him, what his journey navigating fame has taught him, and why he finds it weird that people actually care about what he does and who he dates.

Grace Carter covers the Going Underground issue in Cartier. Grace Carter is entering a whole new era.  The day after speaking to HUNGER, the 26-year-old released her first full-length project in five years, A Little Lost, A Little Found, which has gone on to receive rave reviews.

“I don’t want to do the TikTok thing,” she says in her cover interview with HUNGER. “I want to actually feel like I’m being challenged and I’m doing something that is bigger than me and is going to last longer than I’m here.”

Archie covers the Going Underground issue in Represent. Covering HUNGER Issue 29, Archie Madekwe discusses the Black experience, the Sag-Aftra strikes and why AI could never do his job. “So much of our education is through entertainment, tv, film, theatre. I want to be able to normalise experiences, and for people to see themselves on screen and know that anything is possible.”

UK cover price: £7.95

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