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Lampoon Issue 26 - the MUSCLES issue

Lampoon is a magazine with an editorial identity based on respect for all human diversity and supporting anyone who wants to bring a positive message of civic and social engagement. In order to construct our narrative, we investigate contemporary aesthetics – we produce editorial photography by bringing creativity and fashion in progress, challenging to the state of the art.

Reiterating this definition, a question may arise: why devote an entire issue to the theme of force? Especially now that we have been experiencing months during which the use of force has made us feel anger and fear. The title of this issue is not about generic and varied strength – the word is MUSCLES. The devotion is to physical and muscular strength, the most earthly force in our human body. We want to underline that muscle fibers exist even if they are not bulked up by exercises, weights and drugs, even if they are not exhibited by fanatics. We don't want plastic muscles, but gentle muscles – those that can hold you in a hug.

Within Lampoon / The MUSCLES Issue are the works of Maxime Ballesteros which draws an apocalyptic scenario of our time with a visual allegory; Linder Sterling creates visual narratives exploring the body and mind of feminism; Maisie Cousins sinks its imagery into an eroticism that can be enjoyed with the taste buds; the heat is felt in Winter Vandenbrink's photos of lovers stealing kisses from each other; Rid Burman invites wrestlers from across India to test their body strength; Spyros Rennt brings the sunny eroticism of Greek-inspired bodies, Daniele Fummo and Tereza Mundilova reflect in darker tones on the meaning of the power of self-assertion and self-determination; Roman Goebel set his story in Monaco digging into Helmut Newton’s vibes; Vitali Gelwich and Niki Pauls step on the gas and hail the thrill of speed;

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev dialogues with Otobong Nkanga and Michelangelo Pistoletto on the social role of art; Julian Bedel and Lorcan O'Neill plunge the readers into the oxymoron of listening to a scent; Durk Dehner co-founder of Tom of Finland Foundation talks about preserving, collecting, and exhibiting homoerotic art; Mathieu Lehanneur, Michele De Lucchi and Davide Angeli investigate the future possibilities of architecture; Pinar Yolaçan introduces to the resistance of indigenous Amazonian communities; Silvia Venturini Fendi, Paul Smith and Francesca Amfitheatrof are invited to conversations about an updated craftsmanship. Lampoon is available worldwide in an extensive but precise selection of newsstands, bookshops and concept stores

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