LE MILE Issue 34, Spring/Summer 2023

LE MILE is a cutting-edge publication celebrating emerging and established creatives in fashion, arts, culture, and entertainment. Readers enjoy an immersive experience as they flip through a unique collection of insightful stories and contemporary aesthetics brimming with bold and colorful content from around the globe. Within three years of its launch, the once digital quarterly publication became a biannual release available exclusively in limited edition print, now globally distributed on five continents. Over its ten years, LE MILE has gained a reputation for being one of a kind, and a rarity like that will always be in high demand.

Get ready to embrace the unexpected as we dive into the 34th issue of LE MILE magazine, titled "Dazed." In this Spring/Summer 2023 edition, we explore the concept of being dazed, and why it's not always a negative state of mind.  Through our pages, we challenge you to see the world in a new and different way, free from the confines of everyday reality. 

Open your mind and see the world through a new lens, and get lost in the pages and embrace the unexpected

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