Mission Issue 8 - United Nations


This issue is dedicated to the United Nations, all 330+ pages. Those two words hold such gravitas. Our editors traveled far and wide, virtually from Liberia to Papua New Guinea, we spoke with one of the recently awarded UNDP’s 2022 Equator Prize, Moses Kerry to Chad, El Salvador, Pakistan, and a 20-year-old from India who, at age nine, started to work with electronics, which led to him building drones that could seek out landmines.

Then there is our cover star. This is the future! Tamara Chammah from the Department of UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations) was shot by world-renowned photographer Craig McDean, along with other young protégés at the UN. These people are the future of the UN, this is the new frontier.

Mission speak to one of the UN’s youngest appointed Goodwill Ambassadors, Aidan Gallagher. Our cover guest doesn’t have a huge Instagram reach, her work keeps her focused on social causes more than social followers. However, Gallagher uses his enormous platform, of more than seven million followers, to bring attention to those causes, which Chammah, Mission and everyone else connected to the UN fiercely support—creating an ecosystem for good.

In each issue of Mission we try to cover many subjects with one overarching theme. This special UN issue is no different. We touch on the SDGs throughout, education, youth leaders, LGBTQIA+ and trans rights, as well as disabilities and food security.

Our regular A-Z isn’t shy of some megawatt names either, doing great work as UN ambassadors or friends of the organization—from Amal Clooney, David Beckham and Femi Kuti, to Liam Neeson and Millie Bobby Brown.

Again, we have engaged with and discovered a cross-section of compelling voices, humans who are walking the talk. All are trying to create a more peaceful, sustainable, and inclusive world.

For Fashion, For Beauty, For Good.

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