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Numero Netherlands - Issue 04

For this chapter we focused on the theme Elements. We have chosen this theme early in the process of creating Numéro as nature is one of our biggest sources of inspiration. Nature is one of our most important sources, especially in the period we are all facing right now -  one where everyone has become more aware of nature and our environment. The issue is genderless with mixed content including 13 print covers.

We have been focusing on more covers and editorials than ever before, exclusively produced by Numéro Netherlands featuring 13 Cover Stars: Aron Piper, Bfrnd, Jeremiah Berko, Frenna, Doona Bae, Zion Moreno, Aaron Rose Philip, G-Eazy, Fan Bing Bing, Jodeci, Marjan Jonkman, Remington Williams And Ilona Desmedt, shot by some of the greatest photographers in our industry, like Gorka Postigo, Szilveszter Mako, Kat Irlin, Filip Koludrovic, Rememberyouweremadetobeused, Damien Krisl, Branislav Simoncik, Hong Jang Hyun, Nikolai Kokanovic, Philippe Vogelenzang, Lee Wei Swee, Zeng Wu, Cameron Postforoosh, Lea Colombo, to name a few.

The issue also features collaborations with talents like Major Lazer, Roger Federer, Iris Van Herpen, Biel Juste, Joan Margit, Marc Forne, Oumayma Elboumeshouli and Amsterdam’s biggest electronic dance festivals.

Culture, fashion, beauty, music, film, art, design, travel and haute cuisine are the topics we were focusing on for this issue. 

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