ODDA No. 26 “The Growth Journey” Spring/Summer 2024

ODDA No. 26 “The Growth Journey” Spring/Summer 2024 is an issue dedicated to the word of Travel and what it means in all its forms. From locations to the process of being transported back to memories, the new issue celebrates our ability to move freely and discover.

ODDA 26 compromises three individual covers intertwined within art, fashion, film and music culture. The first of these–Monica Bellucci wearing Balenciaga and Cartier–steps into a regal and ornate universe created by the lens of Szilveszter Mako. Sail into the contemporary era with our second cover, Jeremy Pope. The actor, musician and photographer explores his queer identity and finds spots of comfort in the natural scenes of Los Angeles, wearing Fendi and shot by Ryan Pfluger. Our final cover cements a unique moment for ODDA’s history with our first ever cover solo-featuring an individual art piece, Tourists II (1988), dedicated to the life and legacy of Duane Hanson. A segment of a larger exploration of Gagosian galleries, Hanson’s work explores the consequences of consumerist society on middle/lower-America.

“The Growth Journey” explores the world and dives into some of the most fascinating natural wonders and creative histories. From LA’s oldest cinemas with Loewe to Mexico with Louis Vuitton, London amidst the natural beauty of Kew Gardens to deep dives into Comme des Garçons in Tokyo, ODDA No. 26 “The Growth Journey” Spring/Summer 2024 journeys across the globe with the final port of call being your own comfort and memories. Explore the latest issue and let your soul and body travel.

UK cover price: £25

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