PUBLIC Issue 04

The fourth installment of Public is limited to an edition of 150, and features five portfolios by photographers Laura Jane Coulson, Rosie Marks, Isabelle Wenzel, Tealia Ellis Ritter, and artist Gerda Scheepers, with styling contributions by Fashion Director Roxane Danset.

In an intimate portfolio, Laura Jane Coulson captures the sculptural form and beauty of the modern women, featuring portraits of thirteen different women with thirteen different chairs by artist Martino Gamper.

Photographer and performer Isabelle Wenzel introduces a new way of viewing her work for the first time, using the mechanical qualities of drone photography to draw attention to the sculptural form of the body, with styling by Fashion Director Roxane Danset. 

A unique collaboration with Balenciaga sees South Africa-based artist Gerda Scheepers create her own version of the iconic NYC steam pipes that are the soul of Manhattan winters. 

Tealia Ellis Ritter explores the relationship between herself and her sister through 27 years of images, styled by Roxane Danset.

And finally, in August 2019, Rosie Marks embarked on a 5-day voyage up the Yenisei River in Russia, documenting rural villages and settlements along the way until she reached her final destination of Norilsk. Located inside the Arctic Circle, Norilsk is one of the most isolated, polluted cities on Earth.

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