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SEED Issue 05

The start of a year heralds a time when many begin to reflect on their wellbeing and how they might enhance or support it through their choices and lifestyle. As the year advances and those choices remain embedded or dwindle, our fifth volume of Seed considers the future of the wellness landscape and in particular the role that movement plays in human wellbeing, but also its effects and role in art and nature.

We speak to Julia Samuel to learn about how moving our bodies can transform our mental health, and hear from two cyclists – one outdoor, one ‘spinner’ – about the reasons they push their pedals, and whether the impact of their movement goes beyond a desire for physical fitness.

We marvel at the beauty of movement in nature, considering the murmurations that fill the skies as starlings congregate for their seasonal migrations. And block printer Nicholas Hughes discusses the meditative nature of the motion of stamping out his designs, as well as the status of his craft and what momentum needs to be built to sustain its future. We also reflect on the impact and potency of stillness as artist Adrian Gray describes the patience and steady hands required to build the mesmerising sculptures created by balancing stones.

Elsewhere, we consider whether the future is fungal as we examine the mystifying potential of mushrooms to transform our health, our homes and even the way we dress. And celebrating the importance of being conscious of where our food comes from, we share simple recipes with a focus around reducing food waste.

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