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Slimi Magazine Issue 14

Dear Slimi magazine Aficionados,


With great pleasure we share the passion behind hundreds of hours of work to present you with The Era issue.

Let’s step forward together as we take you on an amazing dream brought to life then captured wondrously within our pages. 

Our journey was inspired by all the artistic talents we’ve been delighted to come across and brought together in our shoots, stories and interviews, combined with all the love that allowed us to present you with such creative and live content within these pages. Every great artist and photographer we have teamed up has contributed to the 9 wonderful covers for this issue.

We celebrate wonder, diversity, cultures, as well as up and close interviews with aspiring artists that shine so bright you cannot help but want to sit down with and have a chat and document their light and color within these pages. 

Beloved reader, we hope that our modern interpretation of the New Era Issue is well conveyed and our content will Inspire you further to appreciate and understand our vision at Slimi mag.

Finally, let's ask ourselves, what’s our mission in the new era ?

Enjoy the New Era discovery,

happy reading,

Sleiman Dayaa

Editor in Chief

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