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SOL Magazine is a Seoul and London based art publication. 

SOL.2 KYOYUK Issue is a retrospective, serving as a visual archive of the spirit of 2019. This issue explores the most human activity of all:  Education (kyoyuk). 
Subjects range from alternative learning institutions that continue to influence our cultural discourse, to the primordial and sacred social rites of transferring knowledge. 
All aspects of the concept are reviewed and utilized, establishing an intrinsic link between education and language.
Artists both established and new were invited to join this dialogue. 
A collection of 10 projects ranging from photography, paintings, essays, and curatiorials resulted. 
Independent in medium and format, they collectively discuss, portray, and expand the meaning of education today. 
SOL.2 is launched in two versions. 
‘Product S’ is a collection of individually bound projects, encased in a custom hard-cover case as a 30-copy limited edition. 
‘Product R’ is a replica, a 'bootleg' which offers a cohesive view of the different projects in the form of a magazine.   

UK cover price: £20.00

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