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Sorbet - Issue 36, Hailey Bieber (cover 1)

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Sorbet 36 - The Pop Issue - Summer 2022

Pop. That palindromic, lolly-popic, kaleidoscopic topic. Yes, Pop is most definitely spandex-sporting songstresses, assisted by tone-adjustment software, and accompanied by broadly accessible bops. But pop is not just music. In Sorbet’s Summer 2022 issue we explore pop as a concept – pop culture – what’s popular in the culture. Would you believe, sociologists and philosophers have analyzed and debated the concepts and systems behind pop culture for centuries, although back then they called it folklore? Now, pop culture hubs proliferate across the world, and they impact us variously on local and global levels. Think: NFTs, viral vids, streaming services, activist movements, celebrity slaps, cancel culture, and digital dressing – it’s all there. And with Tiffany & Co. ready to drip diamonds over our Pop Issue cover star, who better than the face of their current campaigns, Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber? Swirling in the center of this pop culture moment, and with the recent launch of her own skincare brand, we sought out hot-shot photographer Tyrell Hampton and super-stylist, Karla Welch, who armed themselves with cameras and archive Issey Miyake respectively, to create pop-tastic magic. Consider yourself officially popped!

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Sorbet - Issue 36, Hailey Bieber (cover 1)
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