Sorbet Issue 40 (Summer 2023), Good Vibes

Good vibes should absolutely never be underestimated. Often against all odds, in the face of everything from grief, to hardships, to slightly frustrating inconveniences, good vibes are always a good idea. So, this issue is a deep dive into good vibes, featuring upbeat emojis, Happy Meals, crystal healing, Disney World, Pharrell Williams, and that most fun of all flora, the psilocybin mushroom. We have actor Taz Skylar on a trampoline in London wearing Dior men – vibes; we have photographer Trevor Stuurman in pink and white mohair Marni shorts, and a Montblanc bag full of books, running around Clapham Library – vibes. And we have actor Larsen Thompson, wearing Miu Miu on a beach in Cannes, with Ellen von Unwerth, and a big pink flamingo – all the vibes. Staying in Cannes for our cover shoot, we have supermodel Cindy Bruna on a yacht, dressed in the season's stand-out looks, dipped in Serpenti jewels by Bulgari, and lensed by Daniella Midenge – absolutely all the good vibes. So, whether you’re in the best mood ever, or you’ve got your grump on, open up – we’re gonna unblock your chakras and tickle your tantras – cos issa vibe.

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