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The Travel Almanac Issue 21

Dear fellow travellers,

In times like these, when one global crisis seems to lead into the next, it is worth taking a look at the people who defy the dictates of the masses and try to do things their own way, often against considerable resistance. This issue takes a look at the individuals, ideas and projects that provide humans the strength to overcome obstacles and inspire faith in a brighter future.

Among our esteemed guests this time around, Alli Logout, vocalist and “pit boss” from the acclaimed punk-rock band Special Interest, expresses a desire to transcend representation in their film work. We visit the highly acclaimed and self-styled shoemaker Achilles Ion Gabriel, creative director at Camper, who walks us through his exciting journey from the northernmost tip of Finland, all the way to his adopted home of Mallorca. Our next stop is Brutalisten in Stockholm, where acclaimed artist Carsten Höller celebrates a novel kind of minimalist dining that he hopes will spread beyond his restaurant’s walls.

Elsewhere, Brazilian supermodel Raquel Zimmerman describes the role transcendental meditation has played in her personal transformation and embraces being in charge of her own creative input as a ceramist. Photographer Ari Marcopoulos takes us on a stunning visual journey from urban to rural Japan despite an unexpected occurrence. Staying in the same part of the world, we encounter Shoji Morimoto, best known as the Do Nothing Guy, and some still-relevant philosophical musings that give guidance on staying mentally grounded. Last but not least, iconic filmmaker Gus Van Sant, who regularly grapples with the notions of disobedience and nonconformity in his work, opens the door to his Los Angeles art studio, beautifully captured by Colin Dodgson.

These are just some of the dissident ideas and personalities that we are excited to share with you in this issue.

Once again, I hope you’ll enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it,

Paul Kominek

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