Ubikwist Issue 13

Issue after issue, we ask ourselves: “What do we want to say?” “How do we want to say it?” and “What do we want this current issue to represent?” The latest issue, Focusfollows up in true Ubikwist fashion. Page after page, readers are invited into the realms of various artists and activists and how they’re navigating through what seems to be a never-ending global pandemic. The theme here is Focus and as the production of the issue came to a close, focus became a rally cry for our contributors.

From Escape, Harmony, Vigilant, Eclectic, Woman, Rebirth, Vanguard, Expose to Recovery, readers have been treated to captivating personal interviews and electrifying-themed illustrations. A photo is worth a thousand words; and after hundreds of thousands of words later, we introduce our latest issue: Focus!

It features our most diverse ensemble of collaborators yet. Varied in our voices, unified by our message, our artists and activists build an inspirational arc for readers. The responses vary from person to person with stories that are steeped in resilience, defiance, hope, and of course, focus.

How we relay our message has always been important to us. In perhaps our most intimate and most in-depth conversations yet, we encourage an openness and vulnerability throughout our exclusive interviews.

Focus, comes at a pivotal time in our world today and this issue represents just that. As personal as it is, it reflects a world we all can connect to. It encompasses our need to rechannel our energies – in spite of, and possibly because of the unpredictability of our current climate –it feeds our yearn to Focus.

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