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Wild Alchemy Journal

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Wild Alchemy Journal

Wild Alchemy Lab is a new transdisciplinary platform from experimental botanical studio Mama Xanadu: a vehicle in which to navigate our fractured relationship with nature and the cosmos through both a scientific and esoteric lens. We take up the macro-microcosmic vision of the Hermetic axiom ‘as above, so below’ - all aspects of universal phenomena correspond and relate to one another. This places our work at the intersection of plants, planets and people.

Alchemy is the arcane art of transformation, the physical and psycho-spiritual practice of elevating the base elements of our experience to a noble state. Central to alchemical philosophy is the death process: death begets life. To evolve beyond crisis, outdated systems and thought forms are dissolved to be reconstituted into a new, more valued way of being. Through an act of collaboration and co-creation, with nature as our guide and medium, we explore ways to distil our experience and transform its vital force into an embodied sensory ecology.

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Wild Alchemy Journal
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